President Message

An other year 2023 has gone by, leading the SILVER LINING Welfare Organization. As a result of treatment & rehabilitation as well as awareness it has created. SLWO has successfully intimated progress in the under development areas, by involving the communities in the design, implementation and evaluation of the programs.

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Drug Addiction Treatment

Drugs addiction can be devastating for any individual and family members. If you or any of your loved one is suffering from drugs addiction and everyone has lost hope then don’t loose your hope, we are here to help !

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Disability Program

Tracing back to the aftermath of Earthquake 2005 in AJ&K; a broader initiative was taken up by Silver Lining to adopt community-based rehabilitation and integrated approach covering all aspects of social and economic life so that PWDs are mainstreamed into the normal course of living with reduction of biases and stereotypes which...

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“Freedom from Drugs, Every Clouds Must has a "SILVER LINING"

Skill Development

The main focus of Skill Development Centre is to equip persons with disabilities of both genders, with various skills to make them productive and active members of society. The centre offers courses in computer, cell phone repairing, arts and crafts, sewing and stitching.

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We are much concerned with patient’s mental and physical health. We take deep look at the patient’s future and morality . We give our best to treat all the patient’s till complete recovery. Because we take care of our every patient personally ! And help them to become better society Members.

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Day Treatment

Outpatient drug treatment, alcohol rehab, Offering you options for the moments in your life, Addiction robs you of the moments in your life, making you feel as though you have no options. At silver Lining, you have options to begin your recovery from alcohol and drugs. We offer quality addiction treatment services on an outpatient basis - allowing you to receive high-caliber clinical care while maintaining your commitments to work, family and home.


A Silver Lining approach to drug and alcohol treatment will no doubt pay great dividends. At the Silver Lining Addiction Treatment center, not only is detoxification taken care of, but the root cause of substance abuse-stress , is addressed as well. By helping us regain our mental, physical, and personal well being, Silver Lining approaches are the best way to lasting addiction treatment.


Alcohol and drug addiction treatment Addiction treatment, detoxification, withdrawal Heavy and sustained drug and alcohol use takes an enormous physical and emotional toll on a person. A detoxification - or withdrawal - needs to occur before an individual can benefit from rehabilitation. Medical supervision is necessary because withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs can be life threatening.