Improperly using of any drug, illegal or prescribed, on a regular basis, whether heroin, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy or prescription drug like tranquilizers, sleeping pills-all are abused alike. However, drug abuse and drug dependence are two different ideas completely. The former is a voluntary abuse of drugs, while the letter often occurs at a later stage-when a person is unable to control his use of drugs. People often begin substance abuse for their feel-good factor. Butt the danger lies with ‘casual drug abuse’ that may go up into regular drug abuse. This is often the foundation stone for drug dependency. This dependency is not voluntary. It is something they can’t help. They are powerless in the face of drugs to reduce or stop.

They need it to:

  • Feel poised when socializing.
  • Circumvent withdrawal symptoms.
  • Put personal problems out of mind.

  • Addicts usually use drugs in order to feel “better”. The desire for a shot or a peg is such that the person becomes physically or mentally reliant to some degree on the substance of their choice. They often find themselves drinking more then they used to. Attempts to cut down are prone to end in total failure, leading to the utter bewilderment and dismay of the individual concerned. Their substance abuse being outside their control, takes on a destructive momentum of its own. Unless outside helping the form of Addiction Intervention and Addiction Treatment is offered, this problem is hard to be dealt with.

    Dependency on a drug can cause chaos for themselves and their family-irresponsibly financial behavior, problems and difficulties at workplace or school. This deceit and broken promises leads to distrust of family and friends. Addicts become liars and thieves to support their habit even though they are deeply remorseful about their repeated failure in trying to control their intake. Drugs may at first be taken to avoid facing reality. Later, using them as a crutch against the harshness of life, the addict finds himself abusing drugs –either for the good feelings that it brings or simply to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Though he realizes that this hurts himself as well as family and friends, he finds himself in the throes of subconscious conflict. The casual has developed into the necessary.

    Drug abuse has no safe level. Drug addicts do not set out to destroy their world; rather, these ruinous penalties are the effect of the sadistic cycle of drug addiction. Mere temporary and illusionary escapes form life’s realities, drugs keep the addict stuck in the cruel, declining spiral of drug addiction.

    Drug addiction also often involves an increased risk for a wide variety of other illnesses which is brought on b poor living and health habits, not to mention the of toxic effects of the drugs themselves. Whether a person has a drug or alcohol addiction, the point is to be considerate of the individual in their road to drug addiction recovery and persuade them to Drug Rehab.