Disability dis-appropriately affects vulnerable population. World health survey indicates high prevalence of disability in lower income countries than higher income countries. People from poorest wealth quintile that includes women, children and old have higher prevalence of disability. People who have low income, are out of work, or have low educational qualifications are at increased risk of disability.

Data from multiple indicator survey indicates that children from poorest households and those in ethnic minority groups are at high risk of disability than other children.

Pakistan census organization (PCO) in its 1998 census report has provided data about disabilities in seven different categories:

Crippled, Insane, Mentally retarded, multiple disability, blind, deaf, mute and others.

However despite streamlining policies and setting appropriate plans; there are still existing stereotypes against this segment of the society; hence as highlighted by global consortium of ICF and CRPD; environmental factors bear great significance in imposing barriers on participation of Person with disability (PWD) whereby policies and standards do not often take into account specific needs of Person with disability (PWD); belief and prejudices constitutes barriers to education, health and social participation.

Moreover there is lack of accessibility for these groups to access services and seek counseling support in context of their different needs. In this context interventions or projects that need to be designed should delve more focus on community based rehabilitation (CBR) programs which is integrated with all aspects of life that would instill betterment in socio-economic status of these groups.

Silverlining Disability Rehabilitation Program:

Silverlining Disability Rehabilitation Program was started 1 year before Earthquake 2005 in AJ&K.

Pervious, Ongoing and Future Activities:

=> Silver Lining Disability Rehabiliation Program

=> IT Conference & International Day of the Blind 2017

=> Lecture on CHICKEN GONYEA

=> Donation of Electronic Bed

=> Two Days All Sindh Workshop of Disabled Youth 7-8 February 2015, Khairpur

=> Distribution of free Wheelchairs

=> Ensuring that people with disability are safe in the society

=> Providing free meals to disabled people in the Waggal Village

=> Arranging Funds for Hospital in Dhanda for People with various disabilities.

=> Awareness Campaign against Polio Disease in the rural areas.

=> Visit to the Dream World by Disabled people in the community.